Frequently Asked Questions

How far will a transmitter transmit?
Unlike other systems, distance is not an issue with AccuBreed™ Cloud. Because of its proprietary antenna arrays on its solar-powered base stations and repeaters, AccuBreed™ Cloud can transmit data for miles from cattle to cloud to computer.
Are hills going to be a problem?
No. Repeaters and long-range antennas will solve any hill problem and transfer data to the AccuBreed™ Cloud Base Station.
How long will the patches stay on?
Patch longevity is a function of a number of things, including, but not limited to, number of mounts, heat and humidity, age of the glue, shape of the tailhead, amount and condition of the hair, time of the year, breed of cow, efficiency of the applicator, and maintenance schedule. In general, under normal circumstances, you can expect about 30 days on a dairy cow and about 50 mounts on a beef cow before maintenance is needed.
Will the signals go through buildings?
Yes, especially when data is being transmitted from the base station to the cloud. It will, however, become more difficult as the distance increases beyond one mile.
Will this frequency interfere with anything on my farm or will anything interfere with it?
Theoretically, yes. However, given the antenna design used in AccuBreed™ Cloud, it will be very difficult to stop a signal.
How do I know when a transmitter is not working?
There is a fail-safe system built into the transmitters to let you constantly know their status. Each transmitter activates itself and checks in with the computer software every hour. If a transmitter fails to check in, the software will inform you which transmitter is not working. In addition, every time a check in signal is sent, the signal strength and voltage will be displayed.
Will it work on my computer?
AccuBreed™ Cloud software can be accessed from any internet capable device.
My breeding pasture is far away from my house. How can it get the information?
Mounting data is transmitted from the base station to the cloud-based server. Information will arrive to your computer, tablet or smartphone just as any other data (emails, texts, files, etc.) would. All that’s needed is cellular service throughout the pasture. A sales representative will review the physical aspects of your operation using Google Maps satellite view and will provide feedback on the different alternatives for getting data from the base station to cloud to your computer.
How long do transmitters last?
AccuBreed™ Cloud transmitters are rechargeable. A single charge will last several months. They can be re-charged up to 500 times.
When is the best time to AI a cow?
According to the classic time to insemination study completed by Dr. Ray Nebel while he was at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the best time to breed a dairy cow is 4-14 hours after the onset of heat. Research done on beef herds shows that the window may be a little further out for beef cows (8-18 hours).
Will this technology be obsolete in a couple of years?
No. AccuBreed™ Cloud will evolve over the next several years with new features and enhancements. Updates can be provided to your existing system.
How long will a battery-powered base station or a repeater last?
As long as the sun keeps shining intermittently, a solar unit can go 20 days without full sunshine.
Does weather or temperature affect the glue?
Weather and temperature can affect the performance of the pre-glued AccuBreed™ Cloud patch. Cold temperatures prevent the glue from adhering correctly. To solve this, make sure that you keep the patches warm prior to application. If you are applying a lot of patches during cold weather, keep them in a calf warmer or other warm place. The glue will work well in cold weather as long as it is applied while warm.