Track Every Mounting in Real Time

The AccuBreed™ Cloud Heat Detection System uses digital technology to capture mountings as they occur. The device applies wireless transmitters to the cow’s tailhead and digitally records the date, time, and duration of each mounting. All mounting data is instantly saved and reported to the farmer through the AccuBreed™ Cloud server software.

AccuBreed™ Cloud System Components:

AccuBreed™ Cloud Rechargeable Transmitters

  • Range of transmission is successful up to a half-mile radius from the base station buffer
  • Four-month average battery life; rechargeable up to 500 times

AccuBreed™ Cloud Base Station Buffers (BSBs)

  • Stationary antenna units collect incoming mounting data and download it to the AccuBreed™ Cloud base station. 
  • Data is sent to a cloud-based server through cellular transmission
  • Weather-resistant components

AccuBreed™ Cloud Software

  • Analyzes activity captured by the base station to show real-time mounting data
  • Accessible by computer, phone, tablet, and any other internet-based device
  • Activity alerts available via text message or online notification on the AccuBreed™ Cloud dashboard